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Recruitment Agent

Recruitment Agent

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We invite the participants of the era who have the concept of "free association of free people" to join us, so that we can work side by side with equal identities, collaborative spirit and win-win ways to create our wealth.
Five advantages of joining Dorin electric car:
1. Brand advantage: Doring is an established enterprise in China's electric vehicle industry, and the industry has a high reputation and reputation.
2, product advantages: Dolling electric vehicle products cover a wide range, potential market is large.
3. Profit advantage: The threshold for joining is low, the manufacturers let Lido, and the funds are returned quickly.
4, service advantages: reliable quality, low cost of three bags; timely delivery, courteous service.
5. Industry advantage: Under the dome, the environment is supreme. Electric vehicles are facing unprecedented opportunities for development and will surely receive the attention and support of the government and the society as a whole.
basic requirements:
1. Recognize the multi-lingual brand and our corporate culture.
2. Have a certain understanding of the electric vehicle and electric vehicle market, and have certain sales experience, operational capability and related resources.
3. Comply with national laws, regulations, and unfair business records, and have good business ethics.
Sales policy:
1. The company gives different sales discounts to agents of different sales volume.
2. The agent companies that have already signed up will be assessed on a quarterly basis, and the companies at the sales level will be given corresponding rebates.
3. For the top five agents of the annual assessment, the company will award the year-end award.
Third, advertising support
1. Provide a certain amount of promotional color pages for free.
Fourth, the joining process:
1. Read the company's investment information, understand the joining conditions, terms and procedures, and determine the intention to join;
2. Intentional franchisees self-assessment of basic conditions, contact our sales staff to submit an application form for joining;
3. The company's staff conducts inspections, confirms qualifications and background checks, and comprehensively evaluates the market situation;
4. After the company's assessment and approval, sign a formal franchise agency contract;
5. The company conducts systematic training and guidance for franchisees, and issues product specifications and related materials;
6. After the franchisees are all ready, they can formally start their business.
5. The company's training for agents and related support:
1. The company trains one to two after-sales service personnel for the agent, and provides regular training to the dealer's market, sales and technical personnel on a regular basis to ensure its professionalism and leading position in the local electric vehicle field.
2. The company headquarters will promote the brand and products through various channels, expand the brand's popularity, help agents expand the sales network, and provide free support to customers' resources.
3. Pay attention to the suggestions made by the agents and solve the problems encountered by the agents in a timely manner.
6. join the contact:
Address: Changzhou Duoling Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0519-86395008
Fax: 0519-86397819